1031 National Services was founded in 1994 as Midwest 1031 Exchange Co. Over time Midwest 1031 Exchange Co. served more clients beyond the Midwest and our new name now reflects our presence in the 1031 exchange community and the clients we serve nationwide. We are attorney-owned, which means 1031 National Service’s documents, process and client interactions are governed from the perspective of an attorney. This perspective sets us apart in the field of 1031 services and enables us to be “your 1031 tax-deferred exchange specialist”.

When you call our offices, you will be connected with our 1031 coordinator who will guide you through every step of the process. From start to finish we will answer your questions and make sure you know the timelines for each phase of the project. We recognize we are part of your team, and we look forward to working and coordinating with your Attorney, CPA, Realtor/Broker, and other professionals to make your 1031 Exchange a successful transaction and experience.