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If you are looking to do a 1031 Exchange, our 1031 qualified intermediary specialists are available to answer your questions.

1031 Exchange Requirements

Requirements for Conducting a Successful Like-Kind Exchange from a 1031 Exchange Expert...

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Delayed Exchanges

Our 1031 Exchange Specialists Have Decades of Experience We Can Help Taxpayers...

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How to Choose a 1031 Exchange Facilitator

Learn How to Choose a Qualified 1031 Exchange Facilitator While executing a...

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Key Considerations in 1031 Exchanges

Key Considerations For Conducting A Like-Kind Exchange From An Experienced 1031 Exchange...

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Reverse & Improvement Exchanges

A 1031 Tax Exchange Company Helping Taxpayers Defer Tax Liability Through Reverse...

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What Our Clients Say

The 1031 process with 1031 National Services was a great experience! They handled all the details from start to finish.

 ~ Jonathan Barratt, Project Rescue Foundation

We have used 1031 National Services for several years and have successfully completed multiple 1031 exchanges with them. The experience has been very good and the communication has been excellent. They have always explained the process and answered any questions we had. I would highly recommend them and plan on using them again in the future for any 1031 exchanges.

~ Jim and Sandy Schmidly

1031 National Services has helped accommodate our business needs. I would recommend their services to anyone needing to transfer like kind investments.

~ Cody Motheshead

I have used 1031 National Services for my 1031 exchange’s five times. They are professional, prompt and courteous. I have always been confident they were doing the right thing to keep me on the safe side with the IRS. I like that they secure each exchange funds separately from other exchanges to keep my funds separate and safe. Jennifer is excellent to work with in every aspect of a 1031. 

 ~ Tom Gdovin

Choosing 1031 National Services Is Easy

As an attorney-owned Qualified Intermediary company in this business for nearly 30 years, choosing our specialists is an easy decision. We have assisted 1031 taxpayers across the U.S. and safely escrowed millions of taxpayer equity dollars since 1994.

We prepare precise documentation to ensure compliance with the IRS Code and IRS Treasury Regulations. We safely escrow the taxpayer's net equity (or net exchange value). Taxpayers earn interest on the equity, paid at the end of the transaction. We oversee the closing process to ensure compliance in closing statements, title commitments and deeds. We work with the taxpayer's legal and financial advisors to ensure a successful and timely transaction. We have nearly 30 years of experience in this industry and are an attorney-owned firm.